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山東高考百日衝刺小編為大家提供高考衝刺:統籌複習全局 保持良好的複習節奏,一起來看看吧!
Shandong College Entrance Examination 100-day Sprint Editor provides you with college entrance examination sprint: review the overall situation as a whole and maintain a good rhythm of review, let's take a look together!
I. Feeling in the Mock Examination in Peacetime
Just as athletes should insist on training before competition, candidates should cultivate the feeling of examination by doing simulated questions! In the usual practice, we should read the test paper from beginning to end, understand the difficulty and number of questions, make a good arrangement of the time and sequence of answers, and exert their abilities beyond the standard!
Second, adjust the mentality, not blindly brush the questions
Mentality decides everything, and so does the college entrance examination. Candidates should keep a tolerant and optimistic attitude in their study and life. In the sprint stage, don't think about how much they haven't done and how much they haven't remembered. Too much worry will only increase their anxiety before the examination.

3. Proficiency in basic knowledge
Candidates can start from small points of knowledge, comb and understand the problem method and knowledge framework! We must do this training in order to shorten the time of thinking and speed up the speed of problem solving!
4. Avoiding Unnecessary Mistakes
Before the college entrance examination, we must seize the time to eliminate the score loss caused by non-intellectual factors, do not be blindly confident in doing the questions, do not get too excited when confronted with simple questions or problems we have done, keep a good mentality to do the questions, carefully do each question, and strive for the points where we should get the points!
5. Reviewing the Past and Knowing the New
Every day before going to bed, carefully recall part of the content of each subject, remember in mind which problems are not clear, sleep with problems! The next morning, immediately review what they did not remember!
Today's wonderful content will be introduced here for the time being. If you have other places you want to know, you are welcome to leave a comment on the official website of the 100-day dash of Shandong College Entrance Examination: , or call our hotline directly. We will give you a satisfactory answer!

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